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AgeBibl - General bibliography

AgeMusic - Ageing music

Agefilm - Ageing films

AgeWebs - Useful websites


Research project #6: SIforAGE - Social Innovation in Active and Healthy Aging for Sustainable Economic Growth

(7th Framework Programme - Science in Society - European Union)

Research project #7: agencrea - Aging and Gender in Contemporary Literary Creativity in English

(FFI2012-37050, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness)

Post- symposium website: CultGero - The 6th International Symposium on Cultural Gerontology. Extending Time, Emerging Realities, Imagining Response
Post-conference website: ArtAgein - The Art of Ageing: An International, Interdisciplinary Conference on Textualising the Phases of Life


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